What to Avoid When Using SEO for Your Website

02 Feb

Search engine optimization is the process of positively influencing a website’s visibility in search results, thereby attracting more visitors. Although it sounds easy, SEO is a delicate process that involves numerous techniques to help a website become more noticeable and still abide by the rules set by major search engines like Google and Bing. The right SEO approach can do wonders for your website while missing a few key steps can have damaging effects.

Faulty Site Structure

A faulty site structure will almost always be difficult to use for your customers, burying content that could otherwise be useful. Inefficient navigation is the source of the problem here, and it could be resolved if the web developer incorporates SEO practices throughout the process of building the site. If the content on your website takes too much effort for your visitors to read, it’s time to restructure for easier navigation. For instance, you can use breadcrumbs and drop-down menus for easier access.

Duplicate Content

Instances of duplicate content occur when the same content appears more than once in a single page within the domain. This hurts the ranking of a website since search engines see it as a ranking manipulation technique. This should be avoided at all costs to maintain decent visibility.


Search engines are now partial to websites that have mobile-friendly designs or mobile versions. This is due to the increase in mobile device searches. Websites are penalized if they do not comply with this standard.


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