The Most Common SEO Myths

16 Feb

SEO’s ever-changing landscape, with all the shifting algorithms and regular updates on search-influencing factors, makes it a field bound to swirl with myths formed from outside. Some of these misconceptions have been around so that they sound pretty common—to the detriment of SEO marketers and their clients alike. Here are some of them:

It’s all about keywords and links – While keywords and links certainly play a huge role in effective SEO, they aren’t the only driving factors. Everything related to web design, content and development —from responsive web design to content quality and optimization—plays a role in driving up the site’s ranking in organic web searches.

Everything Google is good for rankings – Not every Google product is intended to improve site rankings. Sure, Google is the biggest search engine provider out there—with the one closest to it still miles behind—but not every bit of Google does SEO great favors. For instance, Google Authorship does not drive higher rankings for sites yet, and Google +1s is irrelevant in this case as it does not directly lead to high search rankings at all.

The more links to your site, the better – Links are vital to SEO but they can only do so much. If you think that the quantity of links pointing to your website is all there is to it, you’re mistaken—it’s really about the quality. Think of a good link as a stamp of approval for your website, and that stamp of approval would do an excellent job for your site if Google detects that it came from a reputable source.


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