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Search Engine Optimization Done Right

How do you search for a particular website? Unless you actually know the exact URL of a site, you will need to rely on search engines to help you find results close to your topic of inquiry. By understanding this logic, you can appreciate the worth of search engine optimization (SEO), especially for businesses that use their websites to generate exposure and visibility.

Yet, even with SEO, not all websites are guaranteed to be prominently featured on search engine results pages. With so many sites competing for top spots, it seems difficult for smaller and newer businesses to make a splash. Optimization is pretty much a standard for any business looking to market online, and it is inevitable that their websites will come face-to-face with each other. With the right approach to optimization, however, even the most modest companies can find an audience on the Web.

To get search optimization right, businesses need to look beyond just peppering their sites with keywords. Stable and organized website structures are favored by search engines, especially if the pages have proper links. Good and quality content is also held in high regard; search engine algorithms are specifically designed to recognize genuinely written content while penalizing otherwise. Businesses could also turn to marketing agencies that offer comprehensive SEO services; such companies have an intimate familiarity with optimization strategies that will come in handy for businesses.


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SEO Mistakes Website Owners Should Avoid

Over the past few years, search engine optimization (SEO) has shown its supremacy as an online marketing technique. The only thing that users should do to maximize its power is to be extra careful when using its tools. Here are some common mistakes a lot of marketers, particularly the neophytes, unknowingly commit now and then.

Not Sounding Natural

Believe it or not, search engine crawlers are now smarter than ever. You can’t trick them into indexing your website by simply stuffing your pages with keywords. Neither will search engines rank your website high if you fail to sound natural when inserting the keywords in your content. The less natural you sound, the more suspicious the crawlers will be.

Not Creating Specific Listings

You are given the opportunity to enter each of your services areas into listings. Maximize this feature. It would surely require more work to create a listing for your business in each of the communities and cities you serve, but it would yield bigger returns since more potential customers will be able to find you. This is exactly what local listing services offered by search engines are about.

Poor Content

Gone are the days when you can make multiple pages of poor content to increase your website’s visibility faster. This tactic is not just ignored by search engines; it can even be grounds for penalty. Create just enough pages with unique, relevant, and high-quality content. After all, the newest algorithms place a premium on quality over quantity.


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Web Design in Dallas: Watch Out for the Penguin

Web design trends this year go beyond being responsive into keeping online readers glued to your website. All your web design efforts, however, will be a waste if your site failed a look-see from Google Penguin.

Penguin is Google’s spam eradicator algorithm designed to ensure users of the best search results and spam-free content. Even if your web design includes infographics and maps for online readers, Penguin may demote or remove it from results pages if it detects bogus content on the site. Read the rest of this entry »


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More Than Just Connecting: Facebook Marketing

Facebook started out as a way to connect people, from old friends, to teachers, to relatives in another country. It was a great way to stay in touch with everyone you know and stay abreast of what they’ve been up to. Over time, though, it has evolved into an essential online marketing tool for many businesses. Its millions and millions of users make it a way for companies to make themselves and their products known.

One of the things to remember when using Facebook for SEO is that besides wall posts, links, media such as photos and videos, and notes are equally important. External content such as blog posts should be keyword optimized, especially in the title. Remember that these can appear on search results as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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A Good Website Has Solid Web Design

While web designers have their own idea of how to build their website, there are still certain elements that are essential for every website. They are:

  • Space and white space – space is crucial to any website because it controls the readability and the ease of navigation. It is important for creating a focus for users and good use of space can make some elements stand out.

  • Unique typography – you would notice that companies may have their own font style. This helps customers associate them with that font as well as distinguish them from their competitors.

  • Simple navigation – it should be easy for users to get around the website and not get lost. Don’t overwhelm the site with dozens of menus, and try to group them so that it is easier to jump pages.

  • Flat design – while it may have been amazing to see 3D graphics on websites in the past, people are starting to tone down. Nowadays, simplicity is key. Minimalist designs are more appealing today and makes the site look clean.

  • About Us page – this is a must for any website. Users who want to know more about a company would look for this page and expect to see who they are, what they do, and maybe some history.

These are only a few elements that every website should make use of. As time goes by, however, people’s preferences may change and the website design should adjust accordingly to keep up.


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The Most Common SEO Myths

SEO’s ever-changing landscape, with all the shifting algorithms and regular updates on search-influencing factors, makes it a field bound to swirl with myths formed from outside. Some of these misconceptions have been around so that they sound pretty common—to the detriment of SEO marketers and their clients alike. Here are some of them:

It’s all about keywords and links – While keywords and links certainly play a huge role in effective SEO, they aren’t the only driving factors. Everything related to web design, content and development —from responsive web design to content quality and optimization—plays a role in driving up the site’s ranking in organic web searches. Read the rest of this entry »


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What a Professionally-Designed Website Should Be

Web design in Dallas constantly changes with trends, much like fashion. Since your website makes an impression on customers, doesn’t it make sense to work on putting your best foot forward? Here are some qualities a website should have for that professional feel.

Clean and Clutter-Free

Ads, banners, icons, badges, signs, and other clutter can test any visitor’s patience. Adapting flat design and white space can do wonders for your site visitor’s experience. Try to keep everything minimal with only the important content highlighted. Sometimes, less really is more. Read the rest of this entry »


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