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Responsive Web Design: Why Bother?

Put yourself in the shoes of an internet user for a moment. You’re using your mobile device to look for a shop to buy something you need and you want to check the prices and other information. You find a website and when you open it you have to zoom, pan, and scroll a lot to view the information. Wouldn’t that be frustrating? For most users, it is—and their next step would be to leave the site. Sometimes they won’t even bother trying to view it; they’ll just leave right away if the site is not optimized for their devices.

You should care about this if you have a website for your business. Why? Mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, have a significant and steadily growing share on what people use to search the internet. You definitely want your site to be viewable and usable on these devices.

What’s your play, then? One of the viable options is responsive web design (RWD). This is a design approach where the website detects the device and responds according to the screen size. This offers mobile users optimal experience and allows for a single URL for your website, making maintenance easier compared to having a separate mobile site. What’s more, Google favors responsive websites. In today’s multi-device scene, RWD could be your best bet.

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A Good Website Has Solid Web Design

While web designers have their own idea of how to build their website, there are still certain elements that are essential for every website. They are:

  • Space and white space – space is crucial to any website because it controls the readability and the ease of navigation. It is important for creating a focus for users and good use of space can make some elements stand out.

  • Unique typography – you would notice that companies may have their own font style. This helps customers associate them with that font as well as distinguish them from their competitors.

  • Simple navigation – it should be easy for users to get around the website and not get lost. Don’t overwhelm the site with dozens of menus, and try to group them so that it is easier to jump pages.

  • Flat design – while it may have been amazing to see 3D graphics on websites in the past, people are starting to tone down. Nowadays, simplicity is key. Minimalist designs are more appealing today and makes the site look clean.

  • About Us page – this is a must for any website. Users who want to know more about a company would look for this page and expect to see who they are, what they do, and maybe some history.

These are only a few elements that every website should make use of. As time goes by, however, people’s preferences may change and the website design should adjust accordingly to keep up.


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Positive Effects of Web Design on Customers

If your business highly depends on your website for profit and attracting customers, you should put a lot of thought in its design. Business isn’t just about revenue; it’s also about connecting with your customers. Effective web design is definitely a factor that can help.

The Look

Aesthetic appeal is something that a website’s visitor notices first. Within a few seconds, he or she can immediately form a decision whether to buy your products or not. Consistency in design is important no matter what page a visitor is on. The colors, themes, and textures you choose also have an impact on consumers. Read the rest of this entry »


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