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Successful Dallas PPC Marketing Campaigns and Their Vital Elements

What drives success in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing? Well, there’s the selection of keywords and strategic bidding; however, they only accomplish the “attraction” part of PPC—what you want is to increase conversion. For this, you’ll need to start optimizing your landing pages with the help of PPC experts so as to take things to the next level.

Five Key Lessons
This is the focus of an article published in Search Engine Journal. It highlighted five lessons learned from landing pages with effective design. They are as follows: (1) Choosing simplicity. Sometimes, a simple landing page with minimal text and just a call to action may be more effective than long-form pages; (2)Test always. Many PPC marketers are testing keywords, ad groups, and ad copy, but some tend to forget that landing pages are also important to test; (3) Ad copy and keywords should match. While this is a lesson often repeated, few people follow through with it; (4) Be different.

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