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Effective Dallas Web Design with Increasing Mobile Device Dominance

What direction are the trends in web layout heading to? Business 2 Community, an online resource for business strategies including digital and social, published an article on the trending web design layouts this 2015.

Before discussing those trends though, it’s important to learn why they are becoming more significant. It can be traced to the rise of responsive design, which in turn can be traced back to the growth of mobile. In today’s internet usage, 60 percent is mostly mobile. Around 90 percent of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone and from that 90 percent, 58 percent own a smartphone. Moreover, smartphones aren’t the only ones that make up the mobile traffic. You should also count e-readers (32 percent of U.S. adults) and tablets (42 percent).

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Dallas Web Design: Things to Consider for Website Upgrade This Year

With easier web access via different platforms, businesses big and small may now reach more customers through responsive websites that are well-suited for any device. Using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress had become more convenient in recent years with their user-friendly features for online marketing.

Designing an effective website for a business is easier said than done. This is why outsourcing web design tasks to online marketing companies like has become the general and cost-effective practice for business owners, particularly for small- to medium-scale enterprises. A skilled web developer from such companies would be able to guide you through the intricate online marketing industry, and may even offer free marketing analysis.

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